Loon Dawg

I’m the coke before it gets cut with baking soda
2015 like the 80s the way I’m taking over.
I got wicked flavor like zigzags or rollin’ papers
Fly like transportation when I’m not stationed in foreign hangars.
Enjoy the haters ’cause most fools delirious
At least I ring bells like the end of school periods
I’m out here shinin’, something like bizarre stars
Hearts gut guards like an armored car
Bar for bar like these windows that I stare at
Spittin’ fire Eragon to Charizard.


I Am Poem

I’m a ticking bomb letting
my fuse short,
I’m in jail without any freedom.
I’m a black teenager who cares
in life.
I’m a person that reacts before I
I’m trapped in my minds with
a lot of thoughts.