Where I’m From

Where I am from

you see people die

every day.


Where I am from

people wishing things would

go away.


Where I am from

Our moms and dads

Still teach us to pray.


Where I am from

we wipe our tears

away from our face.


Where I am from

people talk about you

every day.

Where I Come From

Where I come from Hard Times
spread just like the flu,
but don’t let it stop you.

Where I come from, you’re always
being judged.
Don’t let that change you, just keep doing
what you love.

Where I come from if you want something
you have to work hard, if not,
you won’t make it far.

Where I come from everybody doubts you,
so you gotta succeed, as bad as you want to breathe.

Where I come from everything ain’t what it seems.
People act as your friend, but really the enemy.

90’s Baby

I am from four corners and cherry bombs,

from Dream-cast and Capcom.

I am from opening 1 present at midnight,

from running from dogs and their ruthless bites.

I am from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and Phill of the Future,

from watching Superman fight Lex Luthor.

I am from days with my family at the park,

from being in the house before dark.

I am from playing with Super-Soakers,

from driving little RC Range Rovers.

I am from eating ice cream with gumball eyes,

from spraying on OFF to keep away flies.

I’m From

I am from loud mouths and soft hearts,

from fruit loops and shopping carts.

I’m from — right and city trends

from playing games til I finally win.

I’m from fried chicken and corn bread,

from starburst and lemon heads.

I;m from Kool-aid and band-aids

from big burgers and mayonnaise.

I’m from blueprint and reasonable doubt

from playing video games and sleeping on the couch.

Where I’m From

I’m from ancestors I pray to for protection,

I’m from doctors and molesters.

I’m from a life fast as a river,

to the night we opened the door and shivered.

I’m from being Mom and Sister,

from bee stings and blisters.

I’m from ride or die,

from kissing my family and friends goodbye.

I am from believing in myself,

from a family who needed help.

I’m from sad memories to happy family dinners,

from losing a race to the science fair winner,

from the personality of ocean fish

to playing in the woods, blowing a wish.

I am from a girl to a lady,

from growing up being my granny’s baby.

I am from pork and greens to cheese sandwiches,

from bells to switches.

I’m from traveling many miles

to faking smiles,

from a tree of strength,

a history of length.

I am from the inside out.

I am from a place where violence won’t cease,

to hiding in a book for peace.

Where I Am From

I am from matchbox cars that I used to throw off the roof.

I am from a dead beat daddy.

I am from death, but not dead yet.

I am from sticky rice with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Italian dressing.

I am from Cleveland, where they have corned beef.

I am from Lake Erie where people swim.

I am from the earth where people sin.

Where I am from.

Where We Are From

I am from the flag on True Religion Jeans.
From where drugs don’t work,
so you put it into real estate.
From down the way where my mama made me.
I am from where I get in trouble all the time.
From the street with no stop signs.
From East Akron down the way—
Lover’s Lane not 58.
I am from the corner penny store—can I get some
apple Now-N-Laters and Boston Baked Beans?
From Lane Field, from Beachwood Mall, and Aurora Farms.
I am from my mother who took care
and showed me how to get by.

Where We Are From

I come from a place where I was safe, now I’m being chased.
I am from secrets and huge lies,
from chicken nuggets and small fries.
From old Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers.
I am from the 17th state.
From the streets, where the dope dealers meet,
grinding hard just to eat.
I am from Earth where people sin.
From a home where family used to play board games.
And from the east where people make beats.
I am from peace where you listen, then teach.