What We Want

We want to be

in control we want

some laws changed we want

two scoops of meat

at the salad bar & thicker

mats & boxer briefs instead

of tightie-whities we want

chicken wings & longer phone calls

& more… more is better we want

Happiness not violence & we want

bullying to stop we want REAL

justice & freedom so these D.O.s can

stop making us feel like

full-time criminals we want

the judge to give more chances

so we can get outta here

& run wild & free we want

to breathe fresh air & stop the hate

& see our families we want

to do what we want.


Weasel Boy

I want to be free.

I want a secret entrance

to court, because downtown

they be looking at me

like an animal.

I want less instant potatoes.

I want fruit juice not fruit drink.

I want commissary,

but I’ll get that when I go to the pen.

I want a better attorney–

mine’s corny.

I want to be stress free.

I want them ta free my bros.

I want to bring cuz back.

We want more

and longer phone calls.

We want thicker mats.

We want to do

what we want.

What I Want

I want to succeed in life for my family’s sake, and for my own good.

I hustle to survive, for I am a survivor in the hood.

I box to release my anger in a civilized way.

I want millions of women in my life every day.

I eat food to fulfill the emptiness, and because I am hungry,

and also because all this money is on me.

What We Want

I want worry to blow away like a
leaf in the wind and never return.

I want to eat my own food, wear my own
clothes and get in my own shower.

I want to swim in a deep pool.

I want to drown in money.

I want money.

I want to buy everything in the mall.

I want to catch him on the block
and stain his teeth.

I want to take the burdens of life and
cast them into the lake of fire.


I want to take the burdens of life
and cast them into the lake of fire.

I want to stomp on our judicial
system for locking up our youth.

I want to fly over distractions and
soar into my goals in life.

I want to be the sun in the sky
like the stars in disguise.

I want to hustle from the streets.

I want millions of women
in my life, every day.

I want a talking bird to
conversate with.

I want to clap my hands
and move and dance.

I want to feel love like
a love story gone bad.

I want to fly somewhere
where they won’t shoot me down.