Power of Word

The first time I wrote a verse

On and on words I rehearsed.

My pencil, it speaks.

For others to listen.

Gives me strength to the weak,

Grant blind, the vision.

Used to think it wasn’t with worth

But had the priceless feeling of

a baby’s birth.

Though my head spins, like

the movement of Earth

I found out the powerful

magic of words.


Where my world is not confined by bars on my windows.

Where my bracelet does not define me by a number on my wrist, oh

Where I could find out where all of the bliss glows!

Where in my mind, I don’t have to come to grips, no.

This is where I can move without asking for permission

Where I can fuse my reality with the life that I envisioned

Where if I lose, at least I had a chance of winning

Where I can cherish life without feeling imprisoned