Who Said That?

Jimmy and Leroy were going to the corner store when they seen a dog get hit by a car. As they were walking past it, someone said, “Aye, homie you not gon’ help?” As they were looking around, no one was on the sidewalk so they kept walking. Jimmy said, “Broski do you think animals talk or am I off it?”

On The Evening of July

I was staring outside and wondering

why am I not outside?

I began to look down and type

when I saw a statue that read RIP.

I cried, I cried, my blood ran cold.

I heard the birds chirping

on that very hot summer day.

The juice I taste became bitter–

a dirty taste.

I say, why must my homie die?

RIP, Remember forever.

I was a young boy

I was a young boy trying to grow into a man,

became independent because nobody held my hand.

Lost in this world, searching for the glory.

called out for help, but everyone ignored me.

For a long time, I felt alone, by myself.

emotions and pain that nobody ever felt.

Was stripped of my pride, had me hated on the streets,

saw no value in myself… I was blind and feeling cheap.

I realize I’m a king, trying to claim his palace,

loyalty and royalty, the throne, I’ve got to have it.

Smokey Death

I was young when death surprised me.

I never felt such a combination of anger and depression.

The smell of smoke was so strong

I could taste it on my tongue.

I have never seen someone so close to death

smile so brightly–with generosity and concern

for others still in her heart and full of love.

I will never forget her soft slowing voice,

that touched my ears with a sound like silk,

getting increasingly lower until the light

that shined so bright had finally

faded out like a battery with no charge.

She died.

Even when she’s gone, she stays in my heart,

and in my mind like a catchy tune I can never forget.

She remains forever a symbol of love.

Talking Funny

When I was little, I was afraid when I lost my first tooth. I was afraid thinking my tooth wouldn’t come back and I’d walk around with that tooth gone forever. When I smiled, people would talk about my missing tooth. Everyone in school would laugh every time I talked because I would talk like thith.

I realized I could write if I wanted to


I realized I could write if I wanted to
and I did, I’m gonna take ‘em all the way
back when I was just a little boy
Couldn’t understand why my great aunt cried.
The clouds were very dark the day when my uncle died;
didn’t understand that pain I was feeling,
smelled death in the air like food in the kitchen,
when I touched his face I could tell the was nothing there,
Heard the family cry realized nothing’s fair
I’ve been a man since the age of 7,
I just wanna know he
Went to heaven.



I realized when I woke up something wasn’t right,
I felt this way many times; I felt the wrong vibe.

I became worried about what had happened,
Death was on my mind.
I started to think of my lil cousin that
Had died at a young age.

I realized I only thought about him
When somebody close to me spiritually
Became a long way from me.

I became sad, furious, and low when
I found out my friend got killed at
A young age.

I got shot


The night I got shot
Was a night of total disbelief.
The thoughts stolen from
my mind by a thief.
I thought that this could
never happen to me.
The feeling of adrenaline rushing
as I hear my heart start to beat;
the sight of blood gushing
left me barely on my feet,
hearing lots of crying as they
look at my wounds so deep
I’m wishing I would have never left
That night, stayed home to sleep.