I Want My Freedom

Incarcerated, feeling hated. Line up, put your hands behind your back, make sure your shirt’s tucked in with that. Got me feeling like a do needs to be smacked. Got a major, can’t do nothing, the whole week incarcerated. Got me wishing I was home with my family. Telling you to keep your head up, but it’s hard waking up doing the same thing, not making any back. Got me saying double-u-t-f. They threatening to take my points, well take ’em. I still go live it up. It’s just time.


Slam on Pain

Take me away from this place.

I ain’t never going home, and it drives me insane.

Free da gang, we’re going down in flames,

Cuz we’re still gon’ be locked in a cage.

Forget the law cause I refuse to be tamed.

Only reason I wrote this was to speak on the pain.

Everybody else just want to do it for the fame,

Wanna be fly but can’t trust a plane.

Wish I had love but love don’t know my name.

Never been dumb, crazy, or lame.

I pray to God – Don’t forget my pain.