When I had no hope, I gave up on everything.

When I had nothing to give up, I took.

When I took all I had to take, I made it my summit.

When I had no summit, I lurked in them trenches.

When I got lost in the trenches, I was captured by the law.

When I was trapped in captivity, I made freedom my summit –

but then I realized I’d lost my summit and just closed my door.

Family Song

When I had no house,  I had my family.

When I had no mon, I had my brothers.

When I had no brothers, I had my friends.

When I had no friends, I had my cousin.

My cousin never left because we never left

Each other, no matter what happened.

My cousin is my brother.

My cousin is my friend.

He is my right-hand man.

He is my family.

When I Had

When I had no money
I made sense
When I had no gas
I still had drive

When I had no drugs
I felt the euphoria of life
When I couldn’t sleep
I dreamed with my eyes open

When I head that chivalry was dead
I decided to become a necromancer
When I no pen or paper
I used my voice

When I had no direction
Intuition was my compass
When I lost my freedom
I released my mind

Since I had no leader
The beat of my own drum was followed
When my composition felt like ashes
I became a phoenix.