The World Is A Vampire

The world is a vampire

Stays revolving as we transpire

And kill each other for men’s created desires


The world is a vampire

And it’s teeth are behind the counter

Or in the pockets of the wealthy supplier.


The world is a vampire

Which lives on for eons

While this ground that we bleed on

Is used for it to feed on.


The world is a vampire

With the moon as it’s cape

With our hearts as it’s prey

And no room for escape.

Too Far Gone

Life seems to take away

all the love we acquire,

hell isn’t too bad

when you adjust to the fire.


Can you shine a light

on something that’s darkened

does the war ever end

if the foes are departed.


Its like holding hands with

the devil as I walk,

words are power, I feel

like I’m earning a metal as I talk.


I hold on to what I got

hoping my life will be long

as I stare in the mirror,

I know I’m too far gone.

Finding Home

My mind is filled with fear

like a young child laying in the dark.

My eyes to dry shed a tear

but they slide down like rain making its mark.

Things don’t add up

like they do in math class

and I’m foced to come across tough

like a thick pane of glass.

Home is no longer safe inside

and neither is my mind.

I’m lost in this corrupted space

like an astronaut on the moon

hurt by someone’s hand

but my face will heal soon.

I wish to run till the end of time

but time runs on and on again.

I guess I’ll be fine if I just pretend.

Where God Has Chosen

I look around at seven

different faces and still feel

lonely. Knowing this is it, this

way is the one and only. My heart

beat is slow, I’m being called to a place

I don’t want to go. I look at my Bible

and can hear the words, “This is the place

I need  you to be.” I hold in my tears

that want to be free. Alone. Me

against my destiny. So many

years are thrown to me. Can I

reach the people God wants?

I swallow and gag, but hold down

a happy front. This is where God

has chosen, where I pursue

my mission. Still one question,

why send me? I’m only 17.

There’s so much I’m missin.