Letter to Self

You will make it.

Just work hard.

It’s like a painting,

take it one day at a time.

Don’t worry about people hating.

One day you will be somebody,

somewhere riding in an Audi.

Change gon’ come, just

gotta stop looking for love.


I love me. Who gon’ love me like me?

Deep thoughts drifting in the sea.

Been abused and hurt,

thought it was something like a curse

But it made me stronger.

No Mom, this pain,

I can’t take it any longer.

Dad broke my heart before

a boy could.

Tryna be something better

than just a girl from the hood.


Letter to Pain

Pain looks like the day you lost all hope.

It tastes of blood and regret, the sorrow

that fills your heart. Pain is constant and

never fully goes away. Pain is the dark

cloud that follows you around, the

dark cloud that creeps up, even

on your good days. But at the end

of your suffering, there’s a light. And

that light shines as bright as a star.

Letter to Life

Life looks magical¬†because you’re alive.

It looks like busses all day long and

walking all night long.

No matter where you go,

the time stays ticking by.

It’s always loud, and always feels like

you’re busy.

Wherever you go, it always smells.

From sewers to the bad people you flare your nose at.

You look at someone thinking they’re going somewhere in life,

but the next day you see them on Arlington, walking by.

Where I Come From

Where I come from Hard Times
spread just like the flu,
but don’t let it stop you.

Where I come from, you’re always
being judged.
Don’t let that change you, just keep doing
what you love.

Where I come from if you want something
you have to work hard, if not,
you won’t make it far.

Where I come from everybody doubts you,
so you gotta succeed, as bad as you want to breathe.

Where I come from everything ain’t what it seems.
People act as your friend, but really the enemy.

I am the Man

I am the man who runs from the night.

I am the man who has no more fight.

I am the man who hates flight.

I am the man who holds tight during the night

with all my might.

I am the man who has lost his sight.

I am the man who wants to get his life right.

I am the man who ain’t so bright.

I am the man.


Meanwhile I’m in Dan Street doing poetry

and you are outside having the time of your life.

Do not come in here, it’s boring.

Be on your “A” game.

Stay focused on what you wanna be

when you grow up and graduate

high school and go to college.

Jail is not the best

place to be be. Don’t be like me

sitting in jail behind locked doors,

wearing tighty-whities and always

obeying rules and having no freedom.


I’m gone tell them what it is

I hope my people get right.

In my sight brothers killing brothers

children doing life.

Children getting buried by their mothers,

fathers falling on their knees

because they want to watch them graduate.

They don’t want to watch them die.

Tell me why it’s more casket rounds than cap and gowns.

And if you say you’re blind, open your eyes so I

can show you something.

I watched a judge take another life.

What will a kid think when he’s 16 doing 25?

He’s getting judged by a crooked past,

watching his son grow up through a looking glass,

booked his ____.

A Young Boy Taking His Shot

Neighborhood full of hardknocks

taking over the court with strong shots

but you got kids who feel it

isn’t true so they take their

chance to see it through

even though one of the young bucks

shouldn’t show his true personality

he says he love aiming at the best

targets knocking shots down now

this kid has started pulling

out his gun and blasting them