Meanwhile I’m in Dan Street doing poetry

and you are outside having the time of your life.

Do not come in here, it’s boring.

Be on your “A” game.

Stay focused on what you wanna be

when you grow up and graduate

high school and go to college.

Jail is not the best

place to be be. Don’t be like me

sitting in jail behind locked doors,

wearing tighty-whities and always

obeying rules and having no freedom.



I’m gone tell them what it is

I hope my people get right.

In my sight brothers killing brothers

children doing life.

Children getting buried by their mothers,

fathers falling on their knees

because they want to watch them graduate.

They don’t want to watch them die.

Tell me why it’s more casket rounds than cap and gowns.

And if you say you’re blind, open your eyes so I

can show you something.

I watched a judge take another life.

What will a kid think when he’s 16 doing 25?

He’s getting judged by a crooked past,

watching his son grow up through a looking glass,

booked his ____.