What is love?

So many people talk about love

They say love is supposed to make you feel good


I felt love,

at least I think I felt love.

But too many problems are caused by love.

That’s why they say love is just

a game.


So many people say ‘I love you’,

but not everyone truly means it.

Love hurts

Just like words.

Love takes away a part of you.

Once love captures you, you’re in.

Only a hatred heart can break the spell.

So here I am, asking questions

But no one knows the answer.

All I want to know,

What’s love?



Sky is grey and grass is green

I look in your eyes

and see life in between.

It’s hard without you

and easy with you,

that’s why I always

think about you.


The image of her

carries me through everyday.

The thought of her

makes all the hurt okay.


Her deep sea blue eyes

helps me be strong,

when days behind bars,

seem slow and long.


Memories of me with her,

makes me smile.

My love for her is strong,

longer than the millionth mile.


The “I love you”s,

get me through it all,

until the day

I hold her again in my arms.

Love Poem

O my love is like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June;

O my love is like the melody

That’s sweetly played in tune.

So fair art thou my bonnie lass

So deep in love am I;

Always I will love thee still, my dear.

Deep Love

That girl that makes me like a worm inside.

That smile that makes me hide my pride.

That feeling that makes me want to fly.

Love, love, oh love.


That deep contact that cannot be replaced.

That light that overcame my the darkness of my face.

That sound of my heart beating.

That smell I know when she’s around.

Love is a passion that comes and goes,

but that feeling that only a lover knows,

Love, love, oh love.

Silly Lily

How she sits without a care in the world

How she looks like she’s dirty but yet so clean

How she cries when you walk by her food

How she tries to trip you cause she thinks you will forget her

How she claws at the door trying to get away from the outside world

How she walks like she owns the world

How she knows she’s my special little girl

She’s a little princess who owns an entire kingdom

How she sits pretty when she wants you

Who tries to act as if she is the only thing in the world



Freedom                      open doors no locks

Sadness                       tears of a broken heart

Jealousy                      pretty and polished

Determination           aiming high

Grief                             getting through the hurt

Survival                       making it alone

Luck                             charms and clover

Happiness                  flowers and smiles

Love                             no pain just beauty

Death                           pitch black no love no hate


Love is when you care more for somebody else

than your own self.

My love is unconditional; it never dies and it burns

with intensity just like a hot fire.


Love is what I feel for her.


I love her like a fat kid loves cake

to make her laugh I’ll do whatever it take.

I know I’m hurtin her being locked up behind these gates.

When it comes to my love there is no escape.


When I look into her eyes I pray

that this love never dies.


When I think about all the bad things I’ve done to her,

I wanna cry like a wittle baby.


Roses are red, violets are blue

You my only girl and I really love you