The image of her

carries me through everyday.

The thought of her

makes all the hurt okay.


Her deep sea blue eyes

helps me be strong,

when days behind bars,

seem slow and long.


Memories of me with her,

makes me smile.

My love for her is strong,

longer than the millionth mile.


The “I love you”s,

get me through it all,

until the day

I hold her again in my arms.

Where God Has Chosen

I look around at seven

different faces and still feel

lonely. Knowing this is it, this

way is the one and only. My heart

beat is slow, I’m being called to a place

I don’t want to go. I look at my Bible

and can hear the words, “This is the place

I need  you to be.” I hold in my tears

that want to be free. Alone. Me

against my destiny. So many

years are thrown to me. Can I

reach the people God wants?

I swallow and gag, but hold down

a happy front. This is where God

has chosen, where I pursue

my mission. Still one question,

why send me? I’m only 17.

There’s so much I’m missin.