Letter to Self

You will make it.

Just work hard.

It’s like a painting,

take it one day at a time.

Don’t worry about people hating.

One day you will be somebody,

somewhere riding in an Audi.

Change gon’ come, just

gotta stop looking for love.


I love me. Who gon’ love me like me?

Deep thoughts drifting in the sea.

Been abused and hurt,

thought it was something like a curse

But it made me stronger.

No Mom, this pain,

I can’t take it any longer.

Dad broke my heart before

a boy could.

Tryna be something better

than just a girl from the hood.


Letter to Pain

Pain looks like the day you lost all hope.

It tastes of blood and regret, the sorrow

that fills your heart. Pain is constant and

never fully goes away. Pain is the dark

cloud that follows you around, the

dark cloud that creeps up, even

on your good days. But at the end

of your suffering, there’s a light. And

that light shines as bright as a star.

Letter to Life

Life looks magical because you’re alive.

It looks like busses all day long and

walking all night long.

No matter where you go,

the time stays ticking by.

It’s always loud, and always feels like

you’re busy.

Wherever you go, it always smells.

From sewers to the bad people you flare your nose at.

You look at someone thinking they’re going somewhere in life,

but the next day you see them on Arlington, walking by.

Letter to My Shadow

Shadow, you are my puppet & I grew up with you!

You were & always are by my side.

Until the night time come & you wander off & do yo thang!

Then when I wake up, you’re always on time…

You’re just like my little brother…

Always trying to do what I did


My pain is deep, deeper than 6 feet.  My eyes are

open but I cannot see. All this anger in my brain,

that I can’t even think.  Your people will turn on you

quicker than you blink. I’ve been through hell with

gasoline draws.  In my 14 years of living, I’ve seen half my

team fall, locked in a cell, trapped behind walls, all I got

in this world is my word and my balls.

Letter to Anger

You put a void on my body

like a brick wall

I can’t break down. You

rip the posters off the walls

in frustration. You

curse the words that are forbidden. You

run away when confronted. You

yell and scream when talked to. You

smother me like a blanket. You

don’t think, you just react. You

can’t see, you’re just blind. You

make me a person who can’t feel. You

fill the room with a weird silence. You

turn off the light so no one can see. You

are the enemy and when you

come around, people flee.