I Think Like

A wolf in the woods,

lonely, but I have a pack.

My bad choices do not

describe who I am,

living my life,

spinning like a fan–

no matter who thinks what

I know I’m a man.

My pride is big–

so much I think–

it will mean nothing

if I died.

Pride is nothing

when everyday you’re locked inside.


I Think Like A Bird

I think like a bird

because I wanna fly above people.

I think like a dog

because I’m always into something.

I think like Summer

because I feel fun and hot.

I think like winter

because I feel cold inside of me.

I feel like a window

because I see through people.

I feel like a doctor

because I’m always trying to help.

I feel like a loyal person

because I’m there

whether it’s good or bad.