I Am a Woman

I am an observer.

I am a mother.

I am a protector.

I am a caregiver.

I am a sister.

I am a daughter.

I am a lover.

I am a woman.


I am the Man

I am the man who runs from the night.

I am the man who has no more fight.

I am the man who hates flight.

I am the man who holds tight during the night

with all my might.

I am the man who has lost his sight.

I am the man who wants to get his life right.

I am the man who ain’t so bright.

I am the man.

Who Am I?

I am the boy without a clue,

a single grain of sand sitting on a rock.

I am the boy

who thinks he has no purpose

like the leftovers from our dinner.

I am a boy who has a lot

of baggage ready to be shipped away.

I am a boy who can’t feel or think,

ready to be broken out of his chains.

I am like a baby bird

wanting to spread his wings.

I am like a welcome rug all

dirty and walked on.

I am the boy who has a future

but doesn’t know it.

I am like a broken mirror,

all cracked and thrown away.

I am the pencil that is too small to be held in your hand.

I am like a camera taking it all in.

I am the boy who is ready to explode

like an atomic bomb.

I Am

I am a piece of paper that everyone balls up, rips up, and throws away.
I am the puppy that doesn’t know where to go without help.
I am the pit bull when a person tries to take his puppy away.
I am that person that got a hand and doesn’t know how to play it.
I am the fish in a bowl and no other fish are around.

I Am


I am a bikini bottom gangster.
I am a heavy weight class champion, a life-long neighbor, a recording booth.
I am a microphone; I am an autotune murderer.
I am a comfy California king size bed.
I am a 5 year-old kid in a man’s body.
I am a musical puzzle; I am the third house the big bad wolf couldn’t knock down.
I am a child who just came back from boot camp.
I am a godfather, a church choir, a knowledge thief.
I am a teaching student, a free prisoner, a scholastic flicker.