Silly Lily

How she sits without a care in the world

How she looks like she’s dirty but yet so clean

How she cries when you walk by her food

How she tries to trip you cause she thinks you will forget her

How she claws at the door trying to get away from the outside world

How she walks like she owns the world

How she knows she’s my special little girl

She’s a little princess who owns an entire kingdom

How she sits pretty when she wants you

Who tries to act as if she is the only thing in the world



Freedom                      open doors no locks

Sadness                       tears of a broken heart

Jealousy                      pretty and polished

Determination           aiming high

Grief                             getting through the hurt

Survival                       making it alone

Luck                             charms and clover

Happiness                  flowers and smiles

Love                             no pain just beauty

Death                           pitch black no love no hate