What We Want

We want to be

in control we want

some laws changed we want

two scoops of meat

at the salad bar & thicker

mats & boxer briefs instead

of tightie-whities we want

chicken wings & longer phone calls

& more… more is better we want

Happiness not violence & we want

bullying to stop we want REAL

justice & freedom so these D.O.s can

stop making us feel like

full-time criminals we want

the judge to give more chances

so we can get outta here

& run wild & free we want

to breathe fresh air & stop the hate

& see our families we want

to do what we want.


Dream World

I believe in a world with no war

I believe in a world where change comes from within

I believe in overcoming obstacles

that never seem to end

I believe in a world that’s not based

on the color of your skin

I believe in a world where we can be ourselves

and we don’t have to blend

If you believe what I believe

you know it’s more than a dream

“How I Would Paint” Excerpts

1. How I Would Paint the Past

A novel with 1,000 pages,

ready to be opened; approached.

2. How I Would Paint Death

A promise rings that everyone wears.

3. How I Would Paint Love

A mother tightly holding her child;

two brothers standing side-by-side in the rain.

3. How I Would Paint Anger

A slow, painful cut that never ends,

hitting you piece-by-piece.

Getting hit by a car with no mercy.

1. How I Would Paint Life

A long road of darkness with a white dot

at the end of it. But the dark road is

really thin, black ice.

How I Would Paint the Present

Long strokes of the past,

a variety of color.

Treat each canvas, from start to finish,

as my last.


Green represents health, wealth, and death.

It can been the root of all evil and turn a strong man into a weasel.

Gold is the color of a chain hanging off someone’s neck.

It is the feeling of a heavy brick.

Orange helps construction workers.

It’s very bright, like my future. It reminds me of fruit.

Red is blood, like a heart you love.

Red whispers, “I’ll come back the next time you need me.”

Game Shows

Game shows have me on my toes, will I win? Nobody knows.

I have deals like Wayne Brady on Let’s Make A Deal.

Life isn’t the same when I am at that game; I make one wrong more–it can cause me pain.

If the price is right, I’ll smoke your boots, win all the money and take your loot.

When they call me to that stage, I know I can’t back down.

Games are fun until I’m done–when I lose and leave with none.

Game shows are fun and nice, until I turn off the TV and its back to life.