Game Shows

Now my favorite show would be Family Feud–

not the current guy, but Steve Harvey, dude.

“What do you not want to see when breaking into somebody’s house?”

I thought that was funny and not at all boring,

but the guy’s answer made it unholy.

Naked grandma was what he said,

and that’s when I felt to the floor dead.

Game Shows

Game shows have me on my toes, will I win? Nobody knows.

I have deals like Wayne Brady on Let’s Make A Deal.

Life isn’t the same when I am at that game; I make one wrong more–it can cause me pain.

If the price is right, I’ll smoke your boots, win all the money and take your loot.

When they call me to that stage, I know I can’t back down.

Games are fun until I’m done–when I lose and leave with none.

Game shows are fun and nice, until I turn off the TV and its back to life.

The Game Shows

If the price is right,

pick your type.

If you like her

make her your wife.

I’m just keeping it real,

giving up innocence to get a meal.

It’s the pain I feel.

Family feud is a fantasy place,

where’s the family in your race?

Life is moving at too fast of a pace.

There’s not enough time to brace.

Game shows are about lucky money,

attracted by the cute honey.

If only you knew the real,

it wouldn’t be funny.