I Want My Freedom

Incarcerated, feeling hated. Line up, put your hands behind your back, make sure your shirt’s tucked in with that. Got me feeling like a do needs to be smacked. Got a major, can’t do nothing, the whole week incarcerated. Got me wishing I was home with my family. Telling you to keep your head up, but it’s hard waking up doing the same thing, not making any back. Got me saying double-u-t-f. They threatening to take my points, well take ’em. I still go live it up. It’s just time.


Where my world is not confined by bars on my windows.

Where my bracelet does not define me by a number on my wrist, oh

Where I could find out where all of the bliss glows!

Where in my mind, I don’t have to come to grips, no.

This is where I can move without asking for permission

Where I can fuse my reality with the life that I envisioned

Where if I lose, at least I had a chance of winning

Where I can cherish life without feeling imprisoned

Sooner Than Later

Sooner than later there will be a day,

where freedom will ring, and I will not stay

Sooner than later, I must include

restaurant dining enjoying my food.


Sooner than later with loved ones I trust,

hands on activities just for the touch.

Sooner than later when inside the ring,

hands cannot hit, when eyes cannot see.


Sooner than later I won’t be a fool,

for I am destined to finish up school.

Sooner than later they will be influenced,

for being all ears and hearing my music.


Freedom                      open doors no locks

Sadness                       tears of a broken heart

Jealousy                      pretty and polished

Determination           aiming high

Grief                             getting through the hurt

Survival                       making it alone

Luck                             charms and clover

Happiness                  flowers and smiles

Love                             no pain just beauty

Death                           pitch black no love no hate