Letter to Pain

Pain looks like the day you lost all hope.

It tastes of blood and regret, the sorrow

that fills your heart. Pain is constant and

never fully goes away. Pain is the dark

cloud that follows you around, the

dark cloud that creeps up, even

on your good days. But at the end

of your suffering, there’s a light. And

that light shines as bright as a star.


Letter to Life

Life looks magical because you’re alive.

It looks like busses all day long and

walking all night long.

No matter where you go,

the time stays ticking by.

It’s always loud, and always feels like

you’re busy.

Wherever you go, it always smells.

From sewers to the bad people you flare your nose at.

You look at someone thinking they’re going somewhere in life,

but the next day you see them on Arlington, walking by.


I feel like I’m gonna burst

like a balloon that’s gonna pop

anxiety hurts

I feel like I’m shutting down

like my lungs are closing in

like I’m in a dark small room

anxiety keeps creeping up

It gets me when I least expect it

but anxiety won’t stop me from being me.


Getting Up Through

Roses are red and violets are blue,

in seven days, I’m getting up through.

No more fake school

or waking up to dudes

or going to court and hearing bad news.

I’m getting pissed.

Sick and tired of jail,

in and out of these cells

waiting on some mail,

going to court and getting held.

It seems like hell

but I’ll do life before I tell.


You can’t even look at a flower straight

because those bars

It’s not supposed to be like this.







days going by

on autopilot

nothing changes

everythings the same.

bad food

bad mood

I don’t wanna go to school.


Like dark clouds

on a rainy day

all I see is gray.


Love is when you care more for somebody else

than your own self.

My love is unconditional; it never dies and it burns

with intensity just like a hot fire.


Love is what I feel for her.


I love her like a fat kid loves cake

to make her laugh I’ll do whatever it take.

I know I’m hurtin her being locked up behind these gates.

When it comes to my love there is no escape.


When I look into her eyes I pray

that this love never dies.


When I think about all the bad things I’ve done to her,

I wanna cry like a wittle baby.


Roses are red, violets are blue

You my only girl and I really love you