Depression and Divinity

Depression hurt, and eats
You inside and out,
It can take control of your life
And make you ill without a doubt
You can witness with your eyes
And imagine how it feels
Only someone strong, can
Make it through and deal
Some people don’t make it
Often falling short, becoming insane
They just want to feel loved
To get over the sorrow and pain
One day you may be fine
Very happy and glad
But when depression knocks
On the door, your life can turn out bad
Unless you stay strong
And make your heart of steel
Overcome depression and show
Me, that you are real
Depression hit my life,
When I started living in a cell
It made me think of hell
Also took over my mind
I overcame my struggle
Because I am strong and Divine
God entered when I felt weak
And took over my mind
I made it over the hill with
The strength of the Lord
You better watch out because
Depression is in store.

Too Far Gone

Life seems to take away

all the love we acquire,

hell isn’t too bad

when you adjust to the fire.


Can you shine a light

on something that’s darkened

does the war ever end

if the foes are departed.


Its like holding hands with

the devil as I walk,

words are power, I feel

like I’m earning a metal as I talk.


I hold on to what I got

hoping my life will be long

as I stare in the mirror,

I know I’m too far gone.


You can’t even look at a flower straight

because those bars

It’s not supposed to be like this.







days going by

on autopilot

nothing changes

everythings the same.

bad food

bad mood

I don’t wanna go to school.


Like dark clouds

on a rainy day

all I see is gray.