I Remember

I remember the first time,

I felt death,

when my grandpa died.

The air was thick

and hard to breath,

it was choking me.

I remember how

his lifeless body

was pale as a scared

little boy wanting his mommy.

I remember the tears on

my mother’s new blouse

how the room was filled with

light, but still felt dark.

I remember watching him

get lowered into the

dark lifeless pit, feeling

scared, sorry for the things

I never did.

I remember wishing

that his rotting body

would come to life again.


Freedom                      open doors no locks

Sadness                       tears of a broken heart

Jealousy                      pretty and polished

Determination           aiming high

Grief                             getting through the hurt

Survival                       making it alone

Luck                             charms and clover

Happiness                  flowers and smiles

Love                             no pain just beauty

Death                           pitch black no love no hate