Green is the color of money

what people work for

what they spend until they go broke.

Its the route to and the root of all evil.

Ben and Ulysses are on something green,

but it’s also the color of grass.

When its spring, the grass is healthy:

in winter it’s dead and helpless.

Green is illuminati

People sacrifice lives for it.

It’s a power color,

Green is nature, life.

If green was a person,

it would say


like Rick James.

Green makes people happy

but also makes people angry.



Something that can overcome you

One of the most powerful colors

One of the most hated too

But if continues to be itself

You can never change it

It can take vision

Leave you seeing nothing but Darkness

Black is as empty as a bottomless pit.

Black stands alone the darkest one of all.

The Sun

Sunny delight with bright

yellow rays,

so far away but stays

with a blaze,

Not long I can gaze,

Because you’re too bright

but what would we do

without sunny delight.

Sometimes you’re red

as we watch you set,

you go down,

in the day

to prepare for the next.

Live in the moment,

dare to have fun,

cause we would not live

if it weren’t for the sun.


Green represents health, wealth, and death.

It can been the root of all evil and turn a strong man into a weasel.

Gold is the color of a chain hanging off someone’s neck.

It is the feeling of a heavy brick.

Orange helps construction workers.

It’s very bright, like my future. It reminds me of fruit.

Red is blood, like a heart you love.

Red whispers, “I’ll come back the next time you need me.”