Nature looks so beautiful

it hooks me instantaneously.

Life is everywhere in so many shades–

dark greens and yellows begin to fade.

As we rush past on our way,

my deepest desire is that I could stay.

So many types of blue above,

it’s like being lost in an ocean above.

The clouds in the sky rush through the blue.

the white separating so many hues.

It’s almost out of sight.

I try my hardest to fight

as I catch a glimpse of the building below.

My hope is renewed when I see

a church window.


The scene feels dark and eerie–

a sense of a time long before us.

It seems ancient and worn away.

The other graves nearby seem old and forgotten,

the trees long and lifeless.

The entrance is pitch black, the unknown–

a sense of evil flowing out of the dark.

People that once were.

A family that used to be.

Important people, with an important grave.


What I see is a dog smiling,

sticking his head out of a Dodge back window.

What I feel is joy because it

reminds me of my dog back home

and at the same time I feel

anger and sadness because

I miss my dog so much.

I hear a dog barking to get out of the car.

I realize that me and the dog have

something in common–very little freedom.

But at the end all I see is man’s best friend

and all I have to say is have a nice day and

stay away from 650 Dan Street way.

Looking Up At the Ceiling

Looking up at the ceiling

in the middle of a ceremony

Daydreaming while my mind is slowly

drifting away, thinking about

what does the artwork describe

how holy the artwork is

how its speaking to me deep inside of me

crying my heart out at night

asking for forgiveness

the bright lights

the warm feeling

the feeling of love and caring

I would die here in this spot.

Then get buried.