Sooner Than Later

Sooner than later there will be a day,

where freedom will ring, and I will not stay

Sooner than later, I must include

restaurant dining enjoying my food.


Sooner than later with loved ones I trust,

hands on activities just for the touch.

Sooner than later when inside the ring,

hands cannot hit, when eyes cannot see.


Sooner than later I won’t be a fool,

for I am destined to finish up school.

Sooner than later they will be influenced,

for being all ears and hearing my music.


Getting Up Through

Roses are red and violets are blue,

in seven days, I’m getting up through.

No more fake school

or waking up to dudes

or going to court and hearing bad news.

I’m getting pissed.

Sick and tired of jail,

in and out of these cells

waiting on some mail,

going to court and getting held.

It seems like hell

but I’ll do life before I tell.