The History of a Name

My name means “the Father shares the pain of birth” because my Daddy pushed Momma down the stairs when she was pregnant. My Pops was abused as a child. My Momma’s parents overdosed when she was young. She was an orphan and I grew up homeless, so I robbed a lot. Spent most of my life behind bars.

While I was locked up, somebody laced my brother, and no one really cared.

I take care of them however I can.


OG History

I’m an OG and I box in jail.

See the same bricks, count them

Like a calendar.

I relate the bricks to my life.

Rough, tough, stand alone like me.

I love to dream I’m with peace.

No more suffering.

The Original Dream.


When I had no hope, I gave up on everything.

When I had nothing to give up, I took.

When I took all I had to take, I made it my summit.

When I had no summit, I lurked in them trenches.

When I got lost in the trenches, I was captured by the law.

When I was trapped in captivity, I made freedom my summit –

but then I realized I’d lost my summit and just closed my door.

Family Song

When I had no house,  I had my family.

When I had no mon, I had my brothers.

When I had no brothers, I had my friends.

When I had no friends, I had my cousin.

My cousin never left because we never left

Each other, no matter what happened.

My cousin is my brother.

My cousin is my friend.

He is my right-hand man.

He is my family.

I Want My Freedom

Incarcerated, feeling hated. Line up, put your hands behind your back, make sure your shirt’s tucked in with that. Got me feeling like a do needs to be smacked. Got a major, can’t do nothing, the whole week incarcerated. Got me wishing I was home with my family. Telling you to keep your head up, but it’s hard waking up doing the same thing, not making any back. Got me saying double-u-t-f. They threatening to take my points, well take ’em. I still go live it up. It’s just time.

Slam on Pain

Take me away from this place.

I ain’t never going home, and it drives me insane.

Free da gang, we’re going down in flames,

Cuz we’re still gon’ be locked in a cage.

Forget the law cause I refuse to be tamed.

Only reason I wrote this was to speak on the pain.

Everybody else just want to do it for the fame,

Wanna be fly but can’t trust a plane.

Wish I had love but love don’t know my name.

Never been dumb, crazy, or lame.

I pray to God – Don’t forget my pain.

For Akron

So what I think about my city…

Money, power, and filled with lust,

with no trust, just trying to get

their pockets fatter than ever

with me.

Babies raising babies, driving

young adults crazy, with no hope or future.

All they can say is that the streets raised me.

Single parents trying to do the best they can,

but it’s too late,

the streets became their best friends.

Listening to music before they lose it,

chillin’ with friends thinking why life has to end.

Thinking and wishing you had everything you wanted,

but it’s too late,

your best friend became your opponent.

Just trying to get what you want and need

the wrong way.

Just for a food and a buck.

Wish you could go back,

but it’s too late,

your best friend never had your back.


I would change

I would change the game
I would change the way I feel pain
I would change the way my face looks plain
I would change the way people act the same
I would change the way my family be acting lame
I would change myself to fame
I would change the way people hang out on Main
I would change the way people switch lanes

I wanna change the world

I wanna change the world
go home so I can just see my girl
I wanna live lavish
but I gotta make the right tactics
I wanna change the world
I wanna help the people in Haiti
love you mom cuz she the one who raised me
I wanna change the world
I wanna thank the people who had my back
the people that made me realize I had to pick up my own slack
I wanna change the world
I wanna make it out my situation
so one day I can be screamin I made it
I wanna change the world
man I wanna get out of dan st.
so I can go home to see my family
I wanna change the world

Darkness is my deepest pain

Darkness is my deepest
pain a hole in my heart
and there’s so much hate
I’ve been locked up for
8 months trying stay strong
The voice of my lil sister
asking big brother when you
coming home dreams of my
daughter and she’s laying all
alone screaming out daddy
why you have to go I shed
tears for my baby and drop
tears for the fallen waking up
in a sweat cause I hear the
devil calling flashbacks of family
rocking sailing and laughing I
think about my freedom like
what the hell happened
darkness is my deepest pain
There’s so much hate in my