About Voices of Dan Street

This project came to a close at the end of the Spring 2017 semester.  We are so thankful for the work of our teaching artists, community partners, and, especially, our students.

Through community outreach, the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University aims to engage emerging as well as established writers in the belief that voice is a compelling expression of self and a tool to better understand the world around us. This page was created to house and display the voices from the Ohio Summit County Juvenile Detention Center up on Dan Street, where each week, teaching artists work to empower adolescents with the strength of their own words.

None of the work has been altered, other than for spelling or minor grammatical issues. Each poem is tagged with the name of the prompt instructed at each session so that writers will be able to identify their work, in spite of anonymous publication.

A very appreciative thank you to Summit County Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio for granting her support of this endeavor, and also to the Outreach Manager of the Wick Poetry Center, Nicole Robinson, and Ms. Ruth Edge of the juvenile detention center, who have enabled this experience, this project, and many many voices.

We are grateful for the support of The Howard Atwood Family Fund of Akron Community Foundation who have generously supported poetry workshops for the Spring of 2015.

We are grateful for the teaching artists, students, and interns who have donated their time and talents so that our outreach could continue and the voices of Dan Street can be heard.

Inaugural Semester, Fall 2014: Karly Milvet and Amanda Stovicek

Spring 2015: Karly Milvet, Amanda Stovicek, Lauren Olesh, and Pam Barrett

Fall 2015: Amanda Stovicek, Adam Yeich, and Caleb Gill

Spring 2016: Amanda Stovicek, Emma Cherry, and Andrew Keiper

Fall 2016: Amanda Stovicek, Marc Cibella, and Kailey Sherrick

Final Semester, Spring 2017: Amanda Stovicek, Marc Cibella, and Kailey Sherrick

For more about the Wick Poetry Center, visit http://www.kent.edu/wick.

Voices of Dan Street was created by Karly Milvet and Amanda Stovicek as an ongoing project with the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.


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