Dedicated to My Mother

Don’t nobody love you like your mommy do
I know you been there for me since I came outta you
But I start being hard-headed and stop listening to you
Though the block loved me more than you do
But the block don’t give me shelter like you do
I know it ain’t the right thing but the block got me eating too
Gotta provide  for myself—when you gone I can’t call on you
Then I took your car, make you look bad and you still here for me too
I really love you, my baby. I don’t show it, but I hope you love me too
I’m out there on the block for weeks still knowing you hope I make it through
You make sure I eat good, I know that’s all you can do
It’s a dirty world, I’m just playing the cards dealt to me
Mom, you’re my queen, my savior, and provider, but when I get out Ima
Be your provider


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