I’m tired of opening my eyes to the same bricks
I’m tired of different lies from the same lips
I’m tired of living a life full of anguish.
Breathing in a world where no one speaks my language.

Common sense ain’t so common. They ain’t found enough.
I guess that this is what the old heads been talkin’ ‘bout
How like cattle, they want my generation rounded up
Blinded and metaphorically sent to a slaughterhouse.

But we ain’t getting slaughtered by them. It’s you or I
Willie Lynch got us trippin’ over different colors
Drugs and guns to kill ourselves, dawg, it’s suicide.
And without a noose around our necks, man, we kill each other.

I feel like this really ain’t the land of the free
And the Constitution hasn’t been checked for written typos
‘Cause I’m in here starting to understand and think
About how I became the victim of a vicious cycle.


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