Striked at Birth

It was different, when I was
brought to this life.
I got my first strike
when I wasn’t born white.
Second strike came
when I thought it was a game.
Committing these crimes, and
to jail I came.
Third strike approached
for all the time that I was set.
All these strikes came down
like a domino effect.
I’m not wanted to succeed
only wanted to fail,
due to the strikes on me
and not being a white male.
Life is harder for me,
because I’m a different color.
On my birth certificate it’s
not marked white, it’s other.
I have to try hard to
pass these strikes and tribulations.
These are the problems a biracial
man is facing.
You frown at me while
I smile upon you
because I don’t hate.
Only to succeed is a biracial man’s fate.


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