In every story, there`s a start and a finish

But in life, you’re only guaranteed for an ending

Some live as babies, some die before birth

Some live long enough to realize the hurt

As you start to impress, it seems to amaze

Life is like tryna to find your way through a maze

Once you get older, you can start to sense adversity, I can picture a loss and how much it’s hurting me

When you become a teen you are now held responsible, for your future, and all things possible

You have to implement, all the things you are taught, they help you transition, to become an adult

You may have kids that depend on you to take care of them, and follow through

But if you don’t, what does that leave, a broken home, deprived of needs

The previous poem was among the finalists in the Words Unlocked Poetry Contest sponsored by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings.


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