I’m closer to myself than anybody else

I tried to get my help to memorize all the cards I had dealt.

Tears in my eyes to remember all the pain I had felt

I’m all by myself. I just won’t go insane

People say drugs is the way to ease all the pain

Life is for living and your feelings is to share

I’m up all night and I know that nobody really care

Locked up in a place that tries to break you and make you fail

The only person that’s really with me is me

I’m tired of people keep saying what I’m gone be

I just get closer to myself day by day

I’m so strong minded what can a lot of people say

I’m closer to myself than I ever was

I did everything I was supposed to do to be loved

I pull myself together to see through whatever

I hope one day in my future that my life will be much better

The previous poem was among the finalists in the Words Unlocked Poetry Contest sponsored by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings.

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