The Way I’ve Been

My mind is full of fear.

My eyes too dry to shed a tear.

Broken by the hands of a man.

If I can’t fix myself, no one can.

I long for love from someone dear.

But all I get is laughter from a peer.

Myself is ruined, I have no hope.

So I turned to something that we call dope.

Heart racing, mind blank.

My self-esteem slowly sank.

Stuck inside a locked door.

Anxiety eating away at my core.

I ran far from the pain.

By injecting poison in my vein.

My mom cries every night.

And dad can’t be dad without a fight.

Locked away, nowhere to go.

Now I reap what I sow.

I swear I’m done with the way I’ve acted.

So I’m changing my ways without being distracted.

The previous poem was among the finalists in the Words Unlocked Poetry Contest sponsored by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings.

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