Driver’s Ed


I remember my first time driving. I got  in the car, a two door Honda automatic. I got in the seat and I felt anxious to pull off. I put it in drive and I drove up a hill. I hit the blinkers right, sped down the street and hit another right. I came through a long street that was too dark, but I hit the gas doing about 30 on the small street. I could feel the wind rush as the window was down. I could hear the music playing an upbeat tune to ease the mood. I could see only the street and the dark moonlight. My touch was one-handed, hard grip on the wheel, as my mind flown free of thoughts. But the enjoyment of the car… Then suddenly the road stopped and hit a fence but I hit reverse because I had seen the road wasn’t straight. I went to the right and drove to my dude’s driveway. But I couldn’t see the rocks of the driveway and drove in the middle of his lawn. I got out and felt embarrassed for not being able to see at night.


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