Honest Feelings

Embracing wind floating in the distance,blowing away is the future but never predicted.

Long forgotten photos, Joy that has me reminiscing of happy times, uplifting spirits that keep me sane through times of pain, the good old days. Happiness I see through a clear window pane, stained but polished, wiped away like tears.

Death feels as though there is only darkness. When my eyes are open, nothing is in motion, only thoughts to be focused. In a hole, no light to shine as a guide, lost by sight. No senses to find, a lonely place. No feelings, but only one. I should say anger, but it’s sorrow. The thought of no tomorrow.

Love as a first kiss, shooting star to make an important wish, being entwined, separation. Not in my rear view, but a stop sign when I’m slowing down in time. It feels like a new life, or a wonderful night, a song sung by tunes in harmony, perfect in every line.

A lie as hurtful as a dying storm, resting in silence, forgotten in an instant, but remembered by experience.


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